Amanda’s 2019 YA Reading List

In Episode 17 of the podcast, Amanda agreed to add 20 Young Adult books to her reading list for 2019. John and David have put their heads together and come up with a proposed list of their favorites.* We also recognize that we have a lot more than 20 books (40 actually) represented here because […]

Episode 16: Apocalyptic Fiction

In this episode we talk about black and white movies that everyone should see and David wears an ugly Christmas sweater. We also talk about how we should measure success in the church (should we?) and the apocalyptic fiction genre. And Amanda’s forthcoming Napoleon Dynamite experience.

Episode 15: Pastoral Duties

In this episode we discovered that the podcast should really be sponsored by Snickers and we also discuss the books Amanda didn’t report on her recent accreditation report. Then we got into talking about what it means to be a pastor, sparked by a Eugene Peterson quote. We also got a report from John about […]

Episode 14: Cussing Christians

In this episode we examine of the question of whether modern Christianity’s relaxation of the taboos of alcohol and tattoos will soon extend to blue language. And if so, is that a good thing? We also talk about immigration policy, the corruptibility of Christian practices in a fallen world, and (on a lighter note) David’s […]

Episode 13: Rapey Tendencies

After our long summer break, we are back and back with a vengeance. In this episode we discuss the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, internet mobs, justice, hypocrisy, and truth. And that’s just in the first ten minutes. We also discuss the books that changed what you realized a book could be. Spoiler Alert: Amanda chose a C.S. Lewis book.

Episode 11: Family Style

In this episode we are sitting around the dining room table watching the olympics and chatting after dinner. All told, there are 18 of us so you’ll hear a lot of kids coming and going. And you’ll hear all of our spouses chiming in. We have a lively conversation around the late (great) Ursula Le […]

Episode 10: Movies and Books

In this far-reaching episode we laugh about Monty Python, read some listener emails, argue a bit about Christian Environmentalism, and think about divorce within the church. David learns about Godwin’s Law and tries to formulate his own law. We talk about Moviepass and skiing and how the cost of time influences our experience. And then […]