Episode 5: The Nashville Statement

This week we have a real(ish) donnybrook as David and John are in violent opposition to the Nashville Statement. We also discuss happiness (is it the ultimate ideal) and whether Amanda is a feminist. And as a bonus, we find out who among us would go back to being 16 again. https://donnybrookpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/podcast.ep5_.mp3

Episode 4: Dirty, Rotten Liars

Here at the Donnybrook Podcast, we have the best opinions and we are back in force. Today we talk about Christian non-violence, how to deal with your children’s lying and the benefits of personal generosity. We also get into the specifics of speeding tickets, tooth fairies, and the importance of proper spelling when searching Amazon […]

Episode 2: Books, Abuses, and VBS

It’s our second episode and we still don’t have a name for our podcast. But you can hear us argue about it! We talk about some of the books our kids are reading this summer, about the abuse of language. We also talk about this article and whether VBS is healthy for kids. Speaking of […]

Episode 1: First Thoughts

In our very first episode we talk about Steve Ferdick and how wealthy Christians in ministry should act. We also consider what the promulgation of the internet will mean for the third world and a 100% connected planet. Finally, we talk about reading with charity in our heart for the author and why this is […]