Episode 10: Movies and Books

In this far-reaching episode we laugh about Monty Python, read some listener emails, argue a bit about Christian Environmentalism, and think about divorce within the church. David learns about Godwin’s Law and tries to formulate his own law. We talk about Moviepass and skiing and how the cost of time influences our experience. And then come the book recommendations.

Episode 4: Dirty, Rotten Liars

Here at the Donnybrook Podcast, we have the best opinions and we are back in force. Today we talk about Christian non-violence, how to deal with your children’s lying and the benefits of personal generosity. We also get into the specifics of speeding tickets, tooth fairies, and the importance of proper spelling when searching Amazon for your books.

Episode 3: Eugene Peterson and Charlie Gard

Now known as the Donnybrook Podcast, we argue about how to handle our heroes when they fall. If a Christian leader makes a mistake, can we still follow their work? Is this healthy? We also talk about the ethic and value of life. When is it okay to let go? Listen to Switchfoot’s Live It Well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov_lnXy7tkQ